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I recycle/reclaim/salvage wood from many sources from estate sales to shipping dunnage to neighborhood trees and crates from overseas.  Some wood comes from countries like Brazil, Indonesia and Malaysia as well as others.  In the new point and click retail world, I hope to create a personalized wood shopping experience.  Internet commerce has its place, but I think a unique piece of wood should be touched and looked at from different angles.  This allows the buyer to see and feel imperfections to avoid later disappointment.  While I am happy to sell pieces of wood online, my focus is on the visiting client.

Some of my clients include flute makers, guitar makers, pool cue makers, spindle turners, decoy carvers, box makers, bowl turners, furniture makers, boat refurbishers, craft show artisans, knife makers, cabinet makers and homemakers looking for an unusual shelf.

The pictures on this website are a small fraction of what I have and each day brings something new.

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As a one man operation, I don’t have set business hours, but rather try to deliver personalized service by appointment. I will do my best to accommodate your schedule.

I am fairly centrally located about 1 mile off I-405 in north Kirkland, WA. So please think of recycled products first and save the large corporate importers for a last resort.

Thank you, Steve Bartocci

Recycled Wood for Woodworkers
Kirkland, WA 98034